HI GUYS, it's 11am and I'm currently snuggled up in bed because you know why? BECAUSE I CAN. No more exams! I am so happy to be done. Yesterday I went to town with my girls and we went shopping. I bought a few things for my family in Japan but I aso treated myself to some things from primark, topshop and lush (they will definitely be coming up in a post soon!). It was quite cold yesterday so I decided to wear this beeeautiful tartan/fur collar cape over my black coat. I decided to use this H&M satchel which I bought almost 2 years ago - I am surprised it has lasted so long in such good condition. I think the bag goes quite well with the dark blue/green tartan. To tie the outfit all together I decided to wear my dr martens because well I have actually been wearing everyday since it started snowing. They are amazing for this weather! What have you guys been wearing a lot of lately?