I was in London again yesterday afternoon to go to the Dahlia Christmas bloggers event. As soon as we walked in, Kristiana and I had our eyes shooting off in every direction. So many pretty things, so little time! I don't even remember the number of times I said "Oh my god, look at this.."! When we walked in we had our polaroid taken and we each got one to keep which was awesome. I have already stuck it up on my wall.

Dahlia has a small, cute boutique just off Carnaby Street so it is super convenient to get to. I love how the clothes, accessories and bags really cater to different tastes. There are studs, lots of gold and sequins, but there are also a few antique style pieces. It is very feminine and quintessentially British. Statement necklaces seemed to make a very prominent appearance and I even won a voucher in the luck dip to pick an accessory of my choice! (see below for more photos). Beautiful collars are another main focus of Dahlia so there were plenty of embellishments about.

We were all allowed to try on clothes and so I tried on a two-piece embroidered lace top/sheer shirt. I never thought that the combination would go well but it totally works! I loved it so much that there is no doubt that I am going to head straight back to store as soon as its out. They said it should be about 10 days - I cannot wait. Sadly, we eventually had to get our train out of London and I had to leave that  beautiful dress behind but we each received a beautiful goodie bag with so many useful things! Kristiana and I ended our day with buying sushi and completely buzzing over everything that we saw.

The first of many outfits that made me go all google-y eyed 

Isn't it just gorgeous?

 Burgundy. Studs. Satchel. Oh hello there...

Now that I'm looking back over the photos, I think I'm going to have to go back and purchase this along with that top? 

Two of the many statement necklaces thy have on show - which one do you prefer?

 This is the necklace that I picked!

If studs and spikes and OTT statement necklaces are not your thing, then there are also vintage/antique style necklaces to choose from

So gorgeous!

I love how something as simple as an addition of a feather collar changes the outfit from cute and girly to edgy and dark 

The Black Brocade Pleated dress which Arabella was wearing & the Studded Peter Pan Collar dress (still available in burgundy online)