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The day of the Blogger_LU meet up, at Cathy Goedert, two and a half weeks ago was a such a beautiful day that warranted for a breezy outfit. I bought this Forever 21 playsuit at the Dubai Mall - the same time I found this gorgeous hat! I was definitely um-ing and -ah-ing over it but in the end, the button on the front which prevents an all embarassing slip from happening convinced me to parrade to the tills and make a purchase. I love it when clothes have nifty little designs like that. I have come across a few tops in Japan that have clippable straps inside the T-shirt to prevent bra straps from uncomfortably rolling down your shoulder - how have we not seen more of those?!

I decided to wear the plasuit with a long New Look blazer for a little more of a Saturday day-time modesty as the playsuit is also backless along with my trusty H&M heeled boots which I have had for what feels like ages. It must be around two years or so! I love how easy it is to incorporate typically A/W shoes with more summer-y outfits.

As for my nails in the last photo... My friend has now really got me into having my nails done! I've already been back a second time to the same place and I will definitely be going again just before my graduation and heading off to Japan for 4 weeks. Expect a post and my thoughts about the place then!

forever 21 playsuit

forever 21 halterneck playsuitblack summer outfit with hat from forever 21

Jacket - New Look
Hat & playsuit - Forever 21
Boots - H&M

silver midi rings and nude nail manicure