pandora store luxembourg
A couple of weeks ago, Christine, Kristiana and I met up to go the Pandora summer event together. We of course had to snap up a couple of outfit photos before heading there so we took to the sunny streets of the Grand Rue. I decided to wear something brighter by adding a pair of patterned trousers from H&M with a simple white blazer and grey t-shirt. I have also been LOVING my white velcro trainers again which are way too tattered for a close up shot but are still as comfy as ever. I was super excited to check out what Pandora had in-store as just over a year ago it was Christine who got me one of their charm bracelets (see here) for my birthday a just over a year ago. It's safe to say I spotted a few adorable charms which I may just have to go back for. Meanwhile, scroll down to the end of the post to see a set a couple of charm sets we fell in love with. I'm really liking the mix of silver and gold!

summer outfit with black floppy hat
print trousers summer outfit details
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With Kristiana

pandora store luxembourg 
Browsing through the charms
pandora jewellery event luxembourg
pandora summer event with janette magazine
pandora summer event luxembourg
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