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Before Christine came on board and we started working together on the blog, it was my mother who took most if not all of my photos. The last time we ventured out to this garage, which was my regular background (see here and here), must have been well over a year ago! So the other day mama and I decided to potter along to our old spot and snap a few shots for the blog - just like old times.

I'm wearing a skirt which has perhaps been the most difficult thing to style for me. You wouldn't think so as it seems to be such a simple piece, but no. Don't be deceived. The amount of times I stepped in front of a mirror looking like an Amish milk maid has escaped my memory. I have finally found myself a solution, though: the flimsiest of light-weight tank tops. Why I didn't think of this pairing earlier, I have no idea... mais voilĂ . I absolutely love the detail on the back of it but I will have to wath out for the super sunny days to avoid weird tan-lines and looking like I have gills on my back!

quay australia black sunglasses

Top - Zara
Necklace - Topshop
Shoes - R&E (Japan)
Skirt - H&M

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quay australia black sunglasses
black midi skirt summer outfit
forever 21 black hat