Wow, it has been a while. Remember me? Of course spluttering out excuses is no way to make up for the past few days so all I will say is that I have taken these much needed days off to take some time for myself as well as to think about where I would like to see the blog go next year. I have some exciting changes coming up which have been in discussion for a few months now as well as some on-the-side projects, the first of which I will be able to announce quite soon so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime I shall leave you with this outfit post. If you have been following my blog from the VERY beginning (and I mean second post ever beginning....), then you would know I have been pining after a Maje parka for so damn long. Every now and then I would pop into a Maje store just to try on one of their parkas but could never fully give in. But when my parents came to BXL to visit my Dad and I happened to be walking around the Rue Dansaert and came across the Maje store. I then fell in love with this black parka and my Dad may have passed on a secret little message to Santa haha. The bag was definitely a surprise though. I had spotted it whilst in Scotland back in the summer and this time my Mama may have secretly slipped a little note to Santa! I really am such a lover for monochrome. Also, this bag has three main compartments with many many many pockets which makes it all the more perfect!


Bag - Edinburgh Woolen Mill in Moffat, Scotland
Coat - Maje
Boots - R&E