Double post today! On my last day in Edinburgh I was frantically looking for a Liz Earle counter in John Lewis because though I brought the cleanser and scrub, I had completely forgotten to bring a muslin cloth with me. I picked a pack up but I couldn't help letting my eyes wonder over the make up range. I asked the lady working out the counter to match me with a loose powder which I could use over the summer. Even though my face isn't so tanned now,  and with the evident lack of sun here in scotland, I colour really easily when the sun does come out so I always get so frustrated when picking a foundation. I never know the perfect time to pick one! She first tried the Natural Beige on me which suited my skin tone fine but we decided to go for Natural Honey which made my skin look warmer but it still wasn't too orange. The powder is so light and velvety smooth. I could totally wear this on its own when it's just too hot to put any foundation on. I really do prefer to put minimal amounts of make up on unless I'm going out with my girls. As for the brush, it's so super soft and I'm glad I got it because I've realised that I don't have a proper powder brush in my collection. Once I get back to Uni I think I'll check out my local Liz Earle store to explore their make up collection a lot more.