Hey guys! The Manfriend and I spent Friday going around Edinburgh (sightseeing and of course shopping) we first went to see the castle which was then followed by a trip to the Scotch Whiskey experience. I would highly recommend it if you are going to be visiting Edinburgh. That day I wore my flow-y zara top with my navy blue blazer and my scarf from Accessorize. In the evening we met up with my brother and his girlfriend for dinner and then we went to this vodka bar where I tried their homemade fudge vodka! It was so deliciously yummy. The day after I wore pretty much the same outfit but with my white topshop dress and my new heeled black boots from topshop. I'm sorry for the lack of posts - I was too busy being a tourist!


  1. aw, you look fantastic!
    I like your blog very much!


  2. sweet outfit and I loveeeee your hairs. xx, jana

  3. Hey Kaori!

    I just wanted to say that i love what you do with clothes. Your sense of style is incredible and I love it.

    You look great by the way.