I am gonna be having a major haul on my hands if I don't start filming soon.. Anyway, I got this necklace from H&M a while back and it has been my favourite ever since! It is so perfect for when I just want to wear a baggy white tee and leggings which, I have to admit, I have been wearing a lot of. I've been so lazy with my outfits and I usually am in summer because I got hot so easily and I just can't be bothered to feel sticky and sweaty. Gross, I know, but that's just the way it is. My hair tends to spend most of its time up in a bun which I like to call 'Maurice'. My maurice is ever growing - I NEED A HAIRCUT. But I haven't been to a hairdresser's for like 3ish years. It's like going to the dentist for me.. I'm terrified. Anyway, for all you finish off your bac this upcoming week: GOOD LUCK. You can do it.