There is not much to do in the village that I’m staying in right now but they do have a pretty big store there with loads of Scottish souvenirs such as tartans, traditional clothing, food etc. but they also had a huge Yankee Candle area! I was even happier when I saw the 25% off sign. I'm quite particular about scents and I much prefer my room filled with floral scents rather than vanilla or cinnamon. I find them just a bit too heavy for my taste. I’ll probably save these for when I move back to England for my next year of uni. I cannot wait to decorate my new room! As well as spending my time online-browsing Zara and Topshop, I’ve also spent my time browsing Ikea for anything I could purchase to personalise my room.

The lack of internet connection in the our cottage has been so liberating. I have so much time to read! I could do this back home of course, but I just have no self-control haha. I've now finished "Private Lives" by Tasmina Perry and I started the Ahern book but I don't find it as captivating as her other books. Maybe I'm just growing up? It seems like ages ago that I was reading Jacqueline Wilson books. The third book that's peeking out there is "The Best of Me" by Nicholas Sparks. I've never actually read any of his books despite seeing most of the film adaptations of his novels. The other three are none fiction books which I'm planning on reading/re-reading in the hope that it might help for next year. I actually bought the "Social Intelligence" book after having read "Emotional Intelligence: Why it can matter more than IQ" by the same author, Daniel Goleman. It's a really interesting read; I seriously recommend it.