I only ever used to wear a standard colour on my nails and whenever I jumped slightly out of my comfort-red-zone I never really stuck to the colours nor did I actually paint my nails that often. Over the past year I have been slowly stocking up on go-to nail polishes.

OPI – Start to finish base & top coat
I have purchased this about three times now. I love that you can use both as a base and a top coat because it means I can carry more colours with my when I travel.

OPI – Passion
I would normally wear this pale colour when my outfit is really vibrant or if I don’t want my hands to distract too much from my outfit. This is the kind of colour I would use if I had a job interview. I also prefer to use this when I’m planning on wearing red lipstick on a night out so my hands and face don’t clash.

OPI – Just a little rösti at this at this
This super dark red/wine colour only really comes out around autumn/winter but I use it throughout the year for my toenails are feeling naked. I’m actually trying to find a red which falls between this colour and the super vibrant Russian Roulette (N°61) by Essie.

OPI – Feelin’ hot-hot-hot
This was my it-colour last summer. I wore it almost every day and you can see it on my nails from this post here. It’s very vibrant so if I’m having a bit of a crappy or down day I’ll pop on this bright pink and it usually instantly lifts my mood.

Chanel – Distraction
This is the most recent nail polish I have purchased and so far it’s my favourite! It appears ever so slightly pearly through the glass, a characteristic which is hardly noticeable once applied but when the light shines on it has that extra twinkle. I was a little skeptical about buying a 22EUR nail polish but I figured that since I’m now more interested in nail maintenance it would be worth it. This coral colour is a bit more subtle than the pink but it still adds that vibrant “pop” to an outfit.

Do guys have any suggestions which I could try out? (not only OPI!) – I would love to know about your favourites.

Thanks so much for your opinions on the boots by the way! The beige pair are definitely starting to grow on me now haha.