This is probably the first really decent outfit post which I’ve done in a while. Do you guys ever just not feel like it sometimes? I know it’s a bit of a lazy thing to say but my unless I’m in Japan my outfits tend to be quite casual, repetitive and bland. Converse, leggings, a white top and a blazer are pretty much my standard outfit but yesterday I felt like making a little bit more of an effort. I think it’s my new boots from Topshop which are doing the trick. They have a heel so I feel like the rest of the outfit should match up.

So, I went for my standard white top and leggings, this time opting for my white Zara blazer and my new bag from River Island. I saw it when I was first in Edinburgh but I hesitated buying it and eventually completely went off the idea because, well, honestly... Do I really need a new bag? The thing is I’ve been eyeing about for a structured black bag and to be frank I won’t be buying a Prada Galleria any time in the near future, so I thought it was okay and somewhat justifiable.

Either way, I think I’ll use this as my travel bag for when I eventually do go to Japan in less than two weeks – I am so excited! It’s currently around mid-thirty-degree weather there so I shall be melting like an ice cream cone but it’ll be good. There’s a 24h convenience store just around the corner from our apartment and I can’t wait to be sneaking off for nighttime snacks at 1am in 24°C heat.