Miss Selfridge bag I bought 4 years ago & gifts for my family
Yummy ice cappuccino - hah, I think I may need to repaint my nails

Being a bit silly - here you can see what I wore, sort of haha. It's a bit on the shorter side so I wore my cotton shorts underneath

HOLA! Today we decided to treat ourselves and have a completely lazy day. We had a lie-in and then hit the mall in Patong where we had lunch and went shopping for some gifts to bring home. We stopped for some coffee and the ice cappuccino I had was sooo good. I think we might go back there on our last day. Now I'm going to go chill outside by the pool with a book. I hope you're enjoying your summer holidays as much as I am enjoying mine!

PS, looks like I'll be going to the uni of my choice and I found out where I'll be staying for the next year as well, wuuhuuu! I'm coming for you topshop...


  1. pretty bag and face my lovely! woooh you're coming to uk? surrey or sussex? i can't remember ^_^ but anywho wellll doneeeeee! xx

  2. Your recent photos are great, Kaori! xo