Waiting for our plane to Bangkok
 View from plane as we approached Phuket - amazing!
Hey you guys, I'm finally in Phuket! We've had our first night here and I'm so in love with it already. We chilled in the pool for a bit where the poolside bar-tender challenged us to a game of jenga. I love it when there are little sparks of personality from hotel staff as it makes the holiday all the more enjoyable and memorable. We then had an amazing dinner and I'm so excited to try more Thai dishes. Thai food is so delicious!

We planned to go to the beach today but the storm hit which we aren't too annoyed with because we knew we would be going during the rainy season and were aware that we might get caught up in it. Luckily there's quite a bit to do and I'll probably read my book with a cup of tea under our porch outside. There's something quite soothing about the rain, isn't there?