YSL beauty booklet

Hey guys! Here's another outfit post for you. I'm wearing the new headband which I bought today and my new leopard print heels. I'd been thinking about getting leopard print shoes/wedges but I was never sure about it. Then, the more I thought about having leopard print footwear the more obsessed I became hehe. The beauty book you see is something which I think you can only get in Japan (correct me if I'm wrong but I've only ever seen it here). Last year I bought the Marc by Marc Jacobs lookbook and this year I found this in the book store. Most of the time it comes with a gift and with this one came a slim YSL bag which I'll use for carrying around my laptop in uni.

Tomorrow is my final full day in Japan. I'm really sad. I'm so used to being here now that I don't want to leave. This happens every time. It really does feel like my other home. I feel so relaxed here. Oh well, next year I hope I can come in the spring to see the cherry blossoms!