New hat! 480 THB (11 EUR/9.80 GBP)
Today has been another rainy day. We don't want to risk elephant trekking in the rain so we might just have to pass on it this time.. At the moment we're chilling in the lounge "house" more or less in the centre of the little hotel village. It's so cute, the entire complex is like a village. There's a separate building for the reception, the library, the spa and so on. Here in this lounge I'm sitting on (more like sprawled out on) a hanging/swinging couch. I seriously need one of these in my future home!

We went to starbucks again today where I had a cinnamon bun and a matcha frappuccino - the best cold drink at starbucks! Although I've only ever seen it in Japan and here in Phuket. I have two on-campus starbucks at my uni so I may just have to convince them to start serving it. I imagine it would be super tasty if it was hot. Mmmh. I kinda can't wait for winter when I can curl up in bed with a hot cup of tea and a cinnamon bun. I think I'm going through a cinnamon phase right now.

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  1. I *love* matcha.

    A few months ago I was at a juice bar and they had this drink--it was 1/2 orange juice, 1/2 soy milk and matcha.

    It was awesome, so I got it recreated at Starbucks (orange-mango puree instead of orange juice.)

    However, Starbucks matcha powder (at least in the US) is 1/2 matcha, 1/2 sugar. Which is insane. So instead I bought my own pure matcha powder and I bring it in with me.

    I have also added matcha to the vanilla bean frapuccino, which is quite good.

    One note though: matcha adds caffeine in a way that regular tea does not (since you're consuming the whole leaf.) I've had my sleep cycle altered for days because I went a lil too crazy with matcha once. :-)