Most people know this skincare brand already but I don't hear it being talked about enough (or I'm just not on enough beauty blogs and youtube channels). After having bought a 30ml tube of the 20% shea butter hand cream last summer I've been obsessing over their products. I must have bought around mid July when I was in Paris and I still have a little bit left - it has lasted so long! You really don't need to squeeze a lot out for your hands to feel well and truly moisturised. The other product is one that I have only just started using. It's a toning fact mist with organic olive tree leaf extracts and I like to use it either after I wash my face or after I wash off a face mask. So far I really like it and the only issue I have with it is that it's a 150ml container so when I travel short distances and without checked luggage, I wouldn't be able to take it with me. I really want a few of those Travalo bottles which you can pump your perfume into. Do any of you guys use L'Occitane en Provence products? Are there any you'd reccommend?


  1. i haven't tried any of their products, but i have done some research on the brand for school.

    i think i had a coupon of some sort to redeem a free handcream, but i haven't had the chance to use it yet!

  2. I know I have rejected some of L'Occitane's products in the past (when it goes on sale and is found at a deep discounter here in the US.) Some of their range is what I call generic formulations--high in fillers and preservatives, with a couple of organically derived ingredients mixed in. Some of their range is a step or two above that. (Major irritation: their website doesn't reveal the products' ingredients. I can get the info off other websites, but the fact that a company which prides itself on ingredients but doesn't list them on their own site--that's a no no for me. :)

    Other parts of their range are good quality (like that toner you use)--a high quantity of quality ingredients, few fillers, no artificial preservatives (your toner uses salt as a preservative, which is a fine thing but not for guys--using a toner containing salt right after shaving is awful, lol.)

    No part of their range (with my ten minutes of research, lol) hit me as cutting edge. That's not a bad thing, there's a lot of great products that don't contain the newest anti-aging ingredients. But some of their products enter into a price range where another company sells something really nifty.

    Sorry, took that too seriously, haha.