Hello you all, how's everything going on in your life? I'm so sorry my blogging has been so absent lately. I'm flying home tomorrow morning so hopefully I'll have some free time for outfit photos although I do have an assignment coming up in a week and a half which I need to get cracking with. Uni is so chill and then suddenly so stressful. It's always up and down. I'm currently trying to find a house for next year which doesn't exactly help with my already stressed mind. I feel comforted in knowing I'll be home tomorrow. I miss my family but being in England has taught me a lot about myself, what I believe in and things I perhaps want to change about myself for the better. Like every new step in life, being at university isn't just to educate yourself in the area of discipline which you applied for but it also teaches you about yourself and you see yourself in a new light which you had yet to experience. I must dash but I hope I'll have a more interesting post for you next time. I may add to this a little later XOXO