Red lippy at ten to twelve

As I said only webcam photos for now. Unless the sun decides to make an unexpected appearance tomorrow. Which I doubt. It's nearly 00h00 and I think I should get the red lippy and gel eyeliner off my face. Oh by the waaay. I totally forgot to get back to you about the estée lauder tinted moisturiser I bought a while back. I love it! It looks a bit like porridge when it comes out and smells a bit cucumber-y, but I haven't used any foundation or powder since I got it until today when I tried some covergirl liquid foundation. This is the ring I wore in this post. I wanted to show it to you guys a bit more clearly but YAY my flash is a-bye-bye for now. I'm still sad. Waiiihn..


  1. we are like earring twins!!
    hahaha and i love how we both still have makeup on at this time!
    and im definitely going to get the estee lauder daywear now :] xx

  2. I love the red lip + winged eyeliner look :)

  3. girl - i love your blog !!

    peace - coco