TGIF kinda

Earrings/topshop, Rings/primark&topshop&vintage, cardigan/primark, skirt/primark, scarf/alexander mcqueen.
Hey darlings! This is what I'm wearing today. I'm off to see a friend and then I'm going to take my camera to Hi-Fi to see if they can find out what's wrong with it. After that I'm going to buy a newspaper, chill at a café down by gare (it's sooo cute, lovely and modern) and try to write my essay and article.

I love reading/studying/writing on my own in a café. It's so relaxing. OH! I dunno if you can tell but I've pushed my bed into the corner of my room: a) for more space and b) so I don't push my boyfriend out of bed haha.


  1. What's the name of the cafe? :)

  2. it's called caffe latte and it's on rue du fort wallis. i think it's where the nr 2 or 3 bus turns left before gare. but i kinda lied because i ended up going to coffee lounge instead hahaha. free internet ;)

  3. Lovely outfit,
    and I love the first pic,
    you look really good on it (:

    I seriously wanna have that scarf haha,
    it's great!

    Hope they'll figure out what's wrong with your camera!
    &Your day sounds like fun!

  4. Love the earrings and rings!


  5. The earrings and scarf are really cool!!