For the first time ever (I think) I actually have no idea what to post! I haven't done anything all day. Yeah, that to-do list didn't go down very well hah.. I've been browsing topshop and river island, watching clips from the ellen show. A very productive day as you can tell! What do you think of a middle parting btw? I've been wanting to leave it like that but it gets in my face all the time and I'm really fidgety (?) with it, grr.

PS, I'll try make a better post later tonight! But boohoo.. It'll probably be another webcam photo because the flash on my camera is broken !£?*+@ I'm so angry with myself. Luckily I still have the guarantee on it. I think. They're usually 1 year right??


  1. don't such gurarantees usually last 3years?

  2. i like the middle parting! :) i tried having a middle parting but oh my god it made me realise how unsymmetrical my face is!
    i bought those topshop wing earrings today and thought of you ^-^ xx