Hello darlings! Sorry for not blogging yesterday. I literally passed out right after dinner. I was supposed to go to the cinema with my boyfriend tonight to watch the new jack black film (love him!) but I started getting a reeeeally bad headache and so he said we should have a night in. He brought me a dafalgan, a cup of tea and left me to take a nap while he went to buy our dinner (burrrrrrrritos yum). He's so adorable and I love how he takes care of me. I'm such a lucky girl.

I have double free for geo today so I went to sephora and used my 15% discount on the estée lauder tinted moisturiser. I didn't just spontaneously buy it, I've been reading lots of reviews and I had been considering buying it for ages. I only tried it on my hand when I was testing it in the store but I already love it so much! Which is actually a bit silly I know, so I'll let you know in a couple of days to a week how it's going. I want to try and use only tinted moisturiser throughout spring and summer.

Wihuu, we gonna watch a film now so have a great night if you aren't out already!

PS, it's the prebac party tomorrow so I'll have lots of photos to post on Sunday for you (for those who don't go to my school, it's basically the party celebrating the end of the prebac exams)