Hello Goodbye

Phew, I just got back and now I'm unpacking... so that I can re-pack. Tomorrow I'm going to Hahn and staying the night because my flight to Edinburgh on Saturday morning is pretty early. Which means I'm missing this event. I'm so bummed. My flight was delayed by 2h because the flight before was delayed and the one before that etc. But the kind lady managed to put us on the flight before us which meant my dad and I had to run through the airport. Luckily it was the London City airport and we didn't have far to go. Well darlings, these are two flats I bought in primark (both 8GBP I think - correct me if I'm wrong - which makes them about 9.51EUR each).

PS, do me a huge favour and sign this petition. If you want to read about what you're signing for then all the info is on the page under "sign this petition". Thank you.