River Island

A few things I want to buy while I'm in England/Scotland. I have the cardigan at the very end already, but in another colour (dark navy w/gold buttons) and it's one of my fav summer cardigans so I really hope I find it when I go to the UK. I just remembered that I'm missing two days of school just before the Feb holidays to go visit the uni of surrey for the applicant day. I've already gone to the general open day and got a really good impression of it but now that I've made surrey my firm choice, I have so many questions. I don't think I'll get the chance to shop while I'm their but it doesn't matter so much because 1 day after I come back from Guildford, I'll be heading off to Edinburgh to visit my older bro! Wihuu, I can't wait.

PS- Chemistry prebac tomorrow. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHH!