Hello from Scotland!

Hey you guys! I'm in Edinburgh now. It's so beautiful here. I hit topshop straight away and I bought two nail polishes and a pair of rings. Whaddya think? I have to go down for dinner and then I'm hitting the town with my bro and some of his mates to catch a bit of the 'burgh night life.

The winners of my giveaway are
1) Mandy! You get the feather set
2) and Nora, you get the simple skincare products
I'll email you guys soon for a time to meet up and the rest of you thanks so much for entering. I might have another one for when I reach 75 some day.

See yaaaa xx


  1. Great rings :) I am so happy thank you!

  2. Have fun in Scotland! Is it cold there? :b
    Btw I tagged you in a post on my blog, so if you feel like it you can do it ;)

  3. That is so not fair, enjoy your trip! :-) The nail polishes are gorgeous!