L-R: OPI start to finish, OPI passion, Canmake 47, Canmake 14, Canmake 15, Canmake jewel glitter 02, DNAILS gel look topcoat (absolutely AMAZING)

I applied one layer of the OPI start to finish followed by a layer of OPI passion. Then, I applied two layers of Canmake 47 to achieve a decent colour because it's more of a gel polish than a really bold one (like my OPI Feelin' hot-hot-hot)

 I took one of the nail brushes and use it to create oval blobs of white (Canmake 14) on all my nails except on my pinky. I tried to turn it into a little candy but you will later see that I ended up covering it with my Nails Inc chelsea square (062). It's not in the first photo but it's a super glittery pink nail polish. My first Nails Inc polish actually!

 I took separate brush and dipped it in Canmake 15 to create the ears, eyes, nose and mouth of the panda. As you can see, many of them look like the they have moustaches.

God forbid what this hand would have looked like if I attempted the pandas left handed.. I don't have very steady hands. As soon as I get quite gentle and ready to do a curve of a dot my hand seems to spasm. SO I went for cupcakes! (I did clean up around the nail after but before that I was just too excited to take a photo)

SO I feel like some criticisms may be coming my way. I did a very messy job but I was in such a cheery mood and I was only having fun with it. I'm definitely going to improve on these to looks thought. Perhaps buy better brushes for more precision - maybe some multi-coloured micro beads to decorate the cupcake! OH JEEZ. I'm so excited right now. Maybe I could even turn it into a little hobby. I might have to steal some of my brother's warhammer paint brushes haha. What do you guys think? Would you be interested in seeing more? I've been thinking of doing a sort of street style post but for nail art of the girls here in Japan. Their nails are amazing.