Just saw these Cara Delevingne photos for Zara and I'm already to go winter shopping when I get back to Luxembourg. There's a blazer which I have my eye on but I might ask for it as a Christmas present. Jeez there I go thinking about Christmas already. Last year I started buying presents in July! Even though I'm loving that I'm in Japan right now I think I'm suffering from Zara-browsing withdrawal symptoms haha.

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  1. Hey! I really like your blog, it's super nice. I was also super excited about the Zara new collection and, let's be honest, this campaign is just wow! However, I recently learned that the chain is a real poker face... Not that I thought they actually were ecofriendly and paying their employee with a decent salary, but it's a lot worse than what I imagined. (You can do your own research if you like). I don't want to discourage you of buying from them, god knows I love their clothes and I wont be able to resist the temptation... But I just feel very bad about the whole thing now and I was so disapointed!