Boy am I on a roll with these outfit posts! I was quite surprised these photos came out as good as they did because it was already starting to get pretty dark. I thought they were going to be really grainy but they came out fine. I really like this long stripey dress as it highlights my badonkadonk quite nicely haha. I could not put up any side shots as, well, my butt looked HUMONGOUS. The last outfit was pretty girly so I felt like badass-ify-ing this outfit with my studded Topshop jacket, my River Island satchel with silver hardware and to top it all off, my new side cut out boots also from River Island. If I was going to wear this out for the whole entire day I'd probably through on an extra cropped cardigan, some black tights and a beanie. Being cold when I am out and about is what I hate more than anything so I really like to cosy it up. 

PS, I finally made a fb page. For all of you who aren't on blogger, if you like the page you can see my updates/links/photos there XOXO

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Jacket - Topshop
Dress - some random store in Japan
Bag - River Island
Boots - River Island

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  1. love this outfit! the dress and jacket is amazing!
    xx Ayesha

  2. Amazing outfit, the dress & boots are gorgeous! x

  3. Oh wow! This looks great. Love how you've put it together. Yey for monochrome! I can't believe how cold it still is outside. There's no getting away with a dress and a jacket just yet. I wish it was warmer already! x

  4. You look AMAZING! love your lipstick colour too! x

  5. they came out AMAZING!
    you look so rockish i love it!

  6. I looove this pretty dark look!! It's nice on you :-)!! Spring is around the corner in Japan. How about there ?