Lots of rest and and the over-consumption of vitamin C has seemed to have kicked my horrible cold/flu monster in the butt - I am still feeling a little under the weather but so much better than a few days ago. Now I am just slightly worried about my assignment which is due on Tuesday! Before leaving Luxembourg I checked out the skincare section in one of the shopping centres close to home (although everything is close to everything else in Lux!) and I bought these three things. A new Bioderma make up remover, Avène day cream for redness (I have been getting red blotchiness on my cheeks recently) and a new Essie nail polish in Really Red - I was looking for a really red nail colour so I thought it would make sense to buy one which had the same name haha. This is the first time I have used something by Avène and so far I am quite pleased with it. The cream itself does not feel to heavy or sticky; and along with its SPF 20 it will be perfect for the hotter days. As for wether it successfully tackless redness I will have to wait and see over the next week or so.