When I first started shuffling back and forth between Brussels and Luxembourg, I always took way too many things with me in my small, wheeled suitcase. I thought that it was getting a little out of hand and so I decided to start using a bag that I would have to carry using my flimsy chicken-wing arms, which would force me to travel with less. I absolutely love re-usable cloth bags but more often than not, they cannot carry much and are quite quick to rip. This one from the Dille & Kamille, however, is really strong and a lot bigger than the other cloth bags which is great for taking my laptop, make-up and various other bits and bobs with me to and fro. The store itself sells a wide range of things for DIY projects which I bought a lot of in the run up to Christmas - I made my own crackers and place setting name cards. I never though a cloth bag would be the focal point of an outfit post but here we are, this is typically what I wear for those long 3h train journeys between Brussels and Luxembourg.

Quand j’ai commencé à faire la navette entre Luxembourg et Bruxelles, j’avais l’habitude de mettre beaucoup trop dans ma petite valise à roulettes.  Je ne voulais pas exagérer et j’ai donc opté pour un sac que je pouvais porter sur mes bras faibles et défaillants, ce qui m’obligeait de voyager avec moins.  J’aime à la folie les sacs en tissu, mais souvent ils sont petits et ils se déchirent facilement.  Mais ce sac de Dille & Kamille est vraiment robuste et beaucoup plus grand que les autres sacs, ce qui le rend idéal quand je veux amener mon laptop, mes produits de maquillage et d’autres babioles.  Les magasins Dille et Kamille vendent aussi un grand éventail de trucs de bricolage.  Avant les fêtes j’ai acheté de quoi faire mes propres Christmas Crackers (petits pétards de Noël) et des marque-places pour notre grand repas de Noël.  Je n’aurais jamais cru qu’un sac en tissu serait le sujet de mon blog, mais le voilà: le sac qui m’accompagne pendant les trois heures de trajet en train entre Bruxelles et Luxembourg.

Jacket - Topshop
Bag - Primark
Cloth bag - Dille & Kamille 
Shoes - H&M


  1. Seems like a great travel bag! x


  2. We also have a Dille & Kamille over here (Ghent)
    I find that their stores have a special vibe, one you don't find in another store.
    xo Lyn

  3. That's such a good idea! I must give it a try on my flights bag home.I travel only with my carry on and sometimes it grows to the range of the competition ,, can you zip this bag". i bet its way more comfortable doing it your way, thank you for an idea! x

    1. i laughed so much reading "can you zip this bag" hahahahaha

  4. love this outfit, I love the all black style and I always travel with wayyy to much too, travelling with a handbag is such a great idea to travel less <3


  5. I love your look!