My regular monthly must-haves has gone up on YLC Luxembourg so head on over there to check out what I have been lusting after recently. If I had to pick one ultimate favourite, though, it would be the Elie Saab "Le Parfum" Fragrance. One of the things I like to do is have different perfumes for different stages in my life. For the first two wears of being at university, I used D&G's Impératrice which now, whenever I smell it, takes me back to those days. As I am currently doing my professional training year, I wanted to have a more elegant perfume which was not so overwhelmingly sweet like Impératrice. I haven't seen that many peple mentioning this particular perfume but next time you are in your local Parfumerie, I suggest you pop in and check it out!

Retrouvez mes "must" de ce mois-ci sur YLC Luxembourg! Si je devais choisir un top de tous ces produits, ce serait Le Parfum d'Elie Saab.  J’aime bien choisir des parfums différents pour les étapes importantes de ma vie.  Etudiante à l’université, j’utilisais l’Impératrice D&G, fragrance qui me rappelle toujours ces années de ma vie.  Mais à l’heure actuelle je fais un stage en milieu professionnel et je veux donc un parfum plus élégant et moins douceâtre que l’Impératrice.  Il me semble que peu de gens connaissent Le Parfum d’Elie Saab – allez l’essayer en parfumerie!