Last week, I had a meeting at The Hotel Brussels and I also had the chance to take a look at Brussels from the top floor (check it out here). I had already fallen in love with Brussels a while ago but this really cemented it and coated it in gold like the sun shining down on the Palais de Justice. I wanted to to wear a simple but pretty top so I picked out this Zara one that I had found during another shopping rampage and which I have worn a couple of times already. It is such a lovely way to add a pop of colour to an outfit.

La semaine dernière j'ai eu une réunion à The Hotel Brussels, ce qui m'a donné la chance de voir Bruxelles d'en haut (cliquez ici). Je raffole de la ville depuis mon arrivée, mais ça en était la preuve quand j'ai vue la coupole du Palais de Justice baignée de soleil. J'avais envie de me mettre un top simple, comme celui-ci de Zara que j'avais découvert lors d'une escapade shopping et que je me suis déjà mis auparavant. C'est une façon merveilleuse d'ajouter une touche de couleur à son look.

Creeper smile


  1. I love this simple yet chic look. You're so pretty Dear! Love your hair so much!

    Daria x

  2. so pretty and perfect, I love everything <3

  3. These photos are sooo beautiful!
    & haha, love the 'creeper smile'
    xo Lyn

  4. where did you get your boots? :D love the outfit & your instagram x
    - Jenn

  5. Awesome pics and super cool outfit
    :) Nice job
    Liked your blog so much!!

  6. I love that flower print top!

  7. love the pics and the outfit!!

  8. Brussels and the whole Belgium is so, so pretty! i was luck to be an exchange student there and i loved every second of it! you looked amazing and this top can\t help but to remind me of the spring x