The Manfriend and I spent all day saturday walking around Paris which started off with seeing the Sacré Coeur. We then headed to the Pont des Arts to put a padlock on the bridge. I desperately wanted wear these trousers but it was a little too chilly so I sneakily wore my Leigh jeans underneath. I wore my new Primark flats which was a major mistake because I am a solid size 5.5 in UK stores but in H&M a size EUR 38 fits perfectly. I am back in the UK now and working on my final assignment of the year before really cracking down on some intense studying hours. I will probably lose count of the amount of tea breaks I take over the next couple of weeks!

Jacket - Topshop
Necklace - Galibardy
Trousers & shoes - Primark
Bag - Coach

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  1. Oooh-ee love it, I've had my eye on those trousers!

  2. love your pants! amazing look!
    xx Ayesha

  3. Love the trousers, I never see anything good in they Primark close to me x

  4. no way are those trousers from Primark! so so nice. Perfect for summer! so jealous your in Paris. Have a brilliant time xx

  5. the pattern of your trousers is amazing! love the outfit <3

  6. Love this look! I think I have the flats you're wearing. Hee! x