My family and I are heading off to Scotland soon so my brother and I decided to head out to buy a few DVDs for the car journey - it was the perfect chance to throw on a new bag a I received from the JumpFromPaper team. And boy, did I get some looks. I would say my style is quite serious (whatever that means) so it was nice to browse the website of such a playful and easy-going brand. This particular Caramel bag only has enough space for a phone, a wallet and a set of keys but they really are all you need when you are running a few errands. This bag is pretty much the closest I will ever get to being on Blues Clues which I used to* think was the coolest show ever. I also love how the bag matches so well with this H&M hat which I have fallen back in love with recently.

*I still do.

I would like to leave you with their about section which I think is simply adorable beyond words. We all need to have a little fun sometimes:

"JumpFromPaper stands for a passion to make laughs. We start from making fun of ourselves, and go on making things amusing and entertaining.

JumpFromPaper’s unusual and funky exterior confuses and pleases people, while at the same time its inner advocates an outside-the-box, imagination-has-no-boundaries philosophy. JumpFromPaper is a medium for people to discover their whimsical personality, and for their imagination to go wild. It is great to sometimes change the way of thinking, subvert the traditional logic and make life more fascinating. Life is too short to go around being boring all day.

JumpFromPaper adds a sense of quirkiness to conventional bag design. Every detail reveals the boldness and creativity of the designer duo. The collection not only serves as a perfect expression of individualism and uniqueness, it also speaks the philosophy of our brand, “born to enjoy life!”"

Dress - TK Maxx
Hat & blazer - H&M
Sunglasses - Topshop
Shoes - River Island

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