Before heading into town the other day, I decided to put a great deal of effort curling my hair and I was beyond incredibly pleased with the result (have a look here) but unfortunately the curls loosened by the time I was able to have these photos taken. Underneath my long Zara coat which I got over a year ago in Köln, I'm wearing a cropped floral tucked into my favourite trousers which are also from and happen to make my bum look quite fabulous. I've been trying to spot them in the sale just so I can have another pair but so far no luck! Is it bad that when I like something so much I tend to by a second one or set? I did that with this Primark bag which was only 10 GBP because I predicted, correctly, that the straps and zip would eventually weaken. Although, I have actually been quite impressed with how well it has lasted considering just how often I used it. I feel hesitant to throw the old one away because it is not completely useless - it has several wears and tears which really only I notice and which other people would not unless I point them out.


Shoes - H&M
Coat & trousers - Zara
Top - Urban Outfitters
Bag - Primark

Photos by Christine Xuan