On Sunday, us Luxembourg blogger gals our first ever closet sale. It was so lovely to see some familiar faces and to see knew ones! I have to say that as soon as I arrived I noticed immediately just how unprepared I was! Even Kristiana who had flown in from England earlier that week had price-labelled all her items. I had not even brought along a clothes rack for hanging thing - whoops! A couple of us brought some goodies and noms, like my green tea cake (for which I have been thinking of sharing the recipe) or Jennifer's healthy brownies.

I managed to sell a couple of items which is a lot more than the 0 I had anticipated on selling - I definitely to work on my sales/conversational skills haha. I think we are going to organise another one in September just before school starts so hopefully we will have even more people show up!

Dimanche dernier nous autres blogeuses luxembourgeoises avons organisé notre premier "closet sale", ce qui nous donnait l’occasion de vendre des vêtements qui s’étaient accumulés au fond de nos placards. Il était vraiment sympa de revoir des gens que je connaissais et de retrouver de nouveaux visages. J’étais à peine arrivée que je me suis rendu compte d’être loin d’être préparée. Par exemple, Kristiana – qui était rentrée de l’Angleterre quelque jours auparavant – avait attaché des etiquettes de prix à tous ses articles. Moi, je n’avais même pas un porte-vêtements pour exposer ce que j’avais à vendre - oh dear! Certaines d’entre nous avaient apporté des snacks et des friandises. Moi, j’ai offert un gâteau au thé vert (un de ces jours je vous en indiquerai la recette) tandis que Jennifer a offert ses brownies sains et savoureux.

J’ai réussi à vendre quelques articles, ce qui surpassait le chiffre – zéro! – que je m’attendais à réaliser. Evidemment, je dois améliorer mes compétences de vente et de conversation. On va peut-être organiser encore une vente au mois de septembre, juste avant la rentrée, et on espère y voir plus de monde.

Beauty blogger Gabbi from Willow Jolie doing Emilie's make-up

Marshmallow sticks by Poppy Marshmallow - they were so good!

I really wanted to get this Kate Spade Popcorn phone case but sadly it didn't fit my phone

So much love for this goof - Imagine The Swallows

This was bound to happen when you put a bunch of bloggers together haha

Green tea cake

Kristiana looking mighty beautimous

I of course had to bring some Japanese snacks


  1. Really great post and I totally missed out on this phone case! Who was selling it? I would love to ask if it's still available ;)

  2. Really nice post! And thank you so much for the feature on my brownies :D I didn't thought that people liked them so much haha...I should have sold them for 50cent or so...at least I would have earned more money than by trying to sell my clothes... Hopefully seeing you soon!

    xx Jennifer


  3. Sounds like an awesome event :)


  4. This is awesome. I wish I was there for this event. It's a great way to swap clothes, get a new wardrobe or make some fast cash.


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