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UPLIFT documentary
UPLIFT documentary
The tragic attack on Charlie Hebdo has opened 2015 with a period of intense mourning and global solidarity. When Mankind turns against its own in such a vicious attack, one can be often left close to speechlessness and, as a blogger, questioning the purpose of running a fashion blog when there are those who tirelessly remind us of global issues. Even though the majority of this blog is fashion, it is primarily my own little corner of the internet, as fellow Luxembourg blogger, Gabriella, also mentions in her post (here).

With such grief and fear dominating the headlines, it can be difficult to see and appreciate the progress  and innovations that we have made as people, and this is exactly what Barnabe Geis and Nisha Toomey have set out to change. Their projet UPLIFT is a documentary series where the two hosts will travel to different parts of the world affected by a conflict or a complex issue and highlight the work , solutions and innovations of key gamechangers.

"We’ll visit communities and meet people from different socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds, and we’ll ask them to recount their firsthand experiences with the issue. Our goal is to understand the problem or conflict from multiple perspectives, respecting the fact that as outsiders we cannot know all the intricacies."

Following a successful kickstarter campaign (view their video below), the team have decided to film their pilot in Burma - the country where Nisha spent two years living in a refugee camp.

As the news stories regarding the suspects of the Charlie Hebdo attack continue to pour in, and with anger and profound sadness continuing to spread as thoughts and hearts go out to those who lost their lives standing up for what they believed in, I remind myself of what Nisha has said of the people she worked with: the "changemakers who channelled their outrage into helping others."

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Video and collage via Kickstarter