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summer outfit inspiration
Last month, I went to visit my friend Caley in Dubai (check out her Instagram full of photos worthy of envy here). It had been so long since I had seen her so it was great to finally get to spend a good/solid few days with her and see another side of the famous the Emirati bubble. The last time I was there I was much younger and on a family holiday, but this time around I got to see what it was like to be there as a young working adult.

On one of the days, we had been booked to do the desert dune bashing which I have to say was an interesting experience. While is well worth it for the views over the dunes, I am a terrible sufferer of motion sickness so I was more than relieved to reach the huge tent where we had a buffet feast with occasional performances on show. The whole experience included food, drinks, shisha and a henna tent, where I got a little patterned souvenir down my hand and arm.

The outing was booked through Tinggly, a site where you can book experience vouchers which you can redeem anywhere in the world and which are valid for up to 2 years - how awesome is that?! So if you know someone going off on holiday this summer, why not treat them to something?

I obviously felt like I had to wear something comfy for this day so I opted for this white crop top with a lace trim, my denim shorts and my trusty little backpack. I've been really obsessed with backpacks lately and I even found a STUNNING one in TK Maxx the other week. You can find so many treasures in that store. I can't wait to go back to England for graduation and take a sneaky trip there to stock up on home decor for my new apartment in Leuven!

Without further ado, below are a couple of extra travel details from my trip and, of course, the photos once you hit that cursor on "click to see more".

PS, do you guys prefer it when all the photos are inside the post like this or if they are all out and about? I can never decide between the two!

Taxi: Airport <-> Dubai Marina
95 AED (23.10 EUR / 17.02 GBP)

Metro: Airport <-> Dubai Marina
The Dubai Marina stop is now known as Damac Properties Metro station and it will take you around 45 mins to travel to the airport. Check out the metro zone prices here.