Christine Xuan Photography

So, I would like to introduce you to someone I call Tina. I've known her for about 18-something years now and she has been such a lovely friend to me and has helped me through all kinds of situations. She has spent hours with me on skype while I complain about something completely and utterly irrelevant to her life, and she even helped me with my personal statement for my uni application. Without her suggestions and ideas I might not have ended up with such a banging personal statement!!

Tina's interest in photography began around the age of 14 (correct me if I'm wrong, because I know you'll be reading this darling ;)) and it has been so interesting to see how she has developed from a young experimenting photographer to someone so passionate about what they do. She is currently studying photography at uni, and I can see that it has helped her so much! Her style/post-processing is so fresh and clean I really think it would be worth it to take your time and check out her work on:


So, without trying to repeat myself, please go support her by liking her facebook page or featuring her on your blog ;)

If you have any questions for her you can contact her at


  1. Awww thank you so much! It's made me all teary haha!

    Love youuu :) <3

  2. Alexandra Maléfique23 January 2011 at 17:32

    That's so nice :) really :) what a beautiful text to a friend :)

    And it's true, Tina's work improved so much :) Her photography style is pure and she always finds the good side of everybody to picture it :) Move on girls :) both of you, because you are full of talents :) xxx

  3. i love her pictures! such a talanted girl!:)

  4. no, sadly i didn't find any:/

    i didn't know you're having a blog!:O