One down, five to go

I had my first prebac today. It was L-1 and just like the 6th yr compos so it was okay. BUT HOLY COW my hand hurt after writing for four hours. I tried to manage my time but it didn't really work out. For part A I chose to write a critical commentary and comparison of two poems (perhaps the easiest thing for me and something I actually enjoy doing) and for my part B I chose to write a discussional essay about the troubled relationships of characters we've studied. I take advanced L-1 which means I won't be taking a bac exams in normal L-1 WHICH MEANS this prebac is all the more important. No pressure.

This is what I wore on saturday. Let me introduce you to my fav coat.

The coat either belongs to my mum or grandma. It's sooo warm I feel like I'm in on big ugg boot haha. Underneath I wore dark blue cardigan from the men's section at H&M, a plain white shirt, and my fav necklace from Topshop.

When you have a 15 yr old brother and a mum holds the camera to her own face (aw bless her), webcam pics are the temporary solution. I'll try to get a better photo of the coat.