Zip lock bag, sellotape, cupcake holders, scissors, Betty Crocker cake mix, Perles argentées by Vahiné, Pink/glittery writing gel by Vahiné, Betty Crocker Rich&Creamy Vanilla icing, Hundreds&Thousands by Dr. Oetker, Chocalholic's delight by Fiddes Payne, Frosting Creamy Supreme Chocolate Fudhe by Pillsbury.

In the end, I used only the vanilla icing and the Hundred&Thousands sprinkles for decoration. I like to lay out what I have and see what I feel like putting on the cake or cupcakes later. Yes, I have a collection of icing and sprinkles hehe.

To create an icing bag, put six over-lapping layers of sellotape (don't forget to put them on both sides, making it 3 on each) at the corner of the zip lock bag. Then cut to little symmetrical V shapes where you have stuck all that tape. Hold the corner of your bag and turn it almost inside out. This will allow you to reach the bottom of the bag and not waste too much on the sides. You're ready to get decorating!

(Edit- I used red food colouring to make the yellow cake mix turn a pink colour)

Squeeze the bag, pause for a little bit in the middle and then start turn the cupcake. When you reach the edges, turn the icing bag to an almost horizontal level so that the icing is a bit curved and not completely flat.

If you would prefer to do something easier and faster then just add a dollop of icing and spread it out like so. I love the way it looks a bit wavy and messy.

You can leave the cupcakes plain or add some toppings. If you're going to add sprinkles and whatnots then I'd advise you not to ice the entire batch straight away. The icing begins to harden just a teeny bit even if you leave it for 5mins so it won't be as sticky. Add the icing, then the decorations one by one.

And there you go! Don't forget to lay out some newspaper before you decorate because, as you can see, it can get pretty messy.

I love making cupcakes and for Christmas I was given two baking books. When I have more time I'll try and do some  more challenging ones than these.

(Betty Crocker products can be purchased in the Little Britain store on the Route d'Arlon)