They made a statue of us

 Someone needs to start a Ringsaholic Anonymous group for me.. (PS that's not all..)
 Bought this off Elizabete. I wish she posted more because I love her blog! Her photos are so clean and fresh. I haven't had the time to read this yet but maybe on the way to Bordeaux?
Bonsoir mes amies! I only have boring webcam pics because I was out all day. I bought that necklace in h&m recently and I'm happy to have finally found a silver necklace although I don't think I can wear it with a lot of things. I'm going to watch a film now but I don't know which one yet. Any quick suggestions? I was thinking of Rendition but we're watching it in class at the moment. Might be sneaky and finish it off now. Goodnight my lovelies. Ciao.

PS, share the love for The Criime.