Manfriend and I have, sadly, left Monopoli and I am now back in Luxembourg where it is currently 31°C. I had such a rough night of sleep - I even opted to lay down on my tiled floor as the bed was just too warm. I am already missing the lazy days on the beach eating focaccia. For our last evening, we decided to head on back to the borgo and eat at the Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi. We chose not to have dessert and went for ice-cream instead. Have any of you guys had cioccolato fondente? Ah, it is now my absolute favourite flavor of ice-cream. I was a little worried about the dark rich chocolate melting and dripping onto my dress about I was not about to let that worry stop me from having gelato on our last night in Italy! I was saving this dress for a special occasion but I picked up my new gold necklace from H&M, decided that I could not merely expect special occasions to pop up here, there and everywhere the way Gru's minions have been doing recently, and slipped into the dress. It was the perfect dress for a perfect dinner where we gathered our thoughts about our perfect trip. I hope to be back in Monopoli soon.

Necklace, sunglasses & dress - H&M
Bag - somewhere in Japan
Shoes - Zara

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