On Saturday, Manfriend and I decided to head on into the centre of Monopoli and have dinner at one of the piazzas. The one we intended on going to was full with seating options inside but I felt pretty adamant about sitting out on the square so we decided to embarrassingly walk away like Jason in the Apprentice UK and find another place. We ended up going to the restaurant just next door and we were so pleased that we picked that place. With Monopoli being a fishing town and with Manfriend not being overly keen about fish, it was a little hard to find primi piatti which suited him. We decided to go for two anti pasti instead. Manfriend chose a platter of meats and cheeses (have any of you tried fresh scamorza?) and I chose a simple plate of salmon marinated with oranges. For our main course we both chose meat. Manfriend’s fillet dish was pretty good but I have to say that my tagliata on a bed of rucola with parmigiano sprinkled on top was kind of hard to beat.

So this long account of what we both had for dinner on Saturday night is just a preamble to explain what I wore. I picked out this two-layered Zara top for the night which could be worn as a dress for those incredibly daring people, but I decided to wear a pair of (short) shorts. My bag, also from Zara, has a beautiful silver hardware along the bottom which not only accents the bag but gives it shape and structure. I thought I had only brought gold necklaces with me but luckily I had this Topshop one where the chain is gold but the eagle is silver. To finish off the look I decided to wear my Zara heels which we okay for my feet until after dinner when we decided to walk around the borgo. I had sneakily brought a pair of flats with me so I swiftly changed into them whilst Manfriend and I were sitting on some rocks, staring up at the moon and singing That's Amore by Dean Martin.*

*Okay, actually it was just me singing, trying to embarrass him.

Shorts - H&M
Bag, top & shoes - Zara
Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters
Necklace - Topshop

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