OKAY. It was sunny for about 15mins after the rain came pouring down but that still counts, right? We arrived yesterday after a night in Leeds to break the journey and I can already feel such a huge difference in temperature. My toes are freezing and I just want to wrap myself up in all the tartan scarves that I can find. I was not entirely sure what to pack with my but I am so glad a brought a few jumpers. I bought this one in H&M a while back and it just looks so much cooler than your standard striped jumper. I was going to wear a simple gold chain with this outfit but the Zara necklace was basically screaming at me to be put on so I decided to jazz up this monochrome outfit with her. Yes, her. It is so beautiful I does not seem right to call it "it". This is why I am such a clothes hoarder: I get too attached to accessories and clothes. I think I will be purchasing a few more statement/OTT necklaces à la Arabella Golby (check out her blog for classier ways to wear this necklace!) because they just add that extra little something to such a simple outfit.

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Necklace - Zara
Jumper & hat - H&M
Bag - Accessorize
Boots - Topshop

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