It has been a while since Sammie, Claude and I first started talking about putting together a bloggers' get-together for our little country Luxembourg and yesterday the day of our blogger brunch finally arrived. We all met at Table du Pain on Avenue Monterey for some food and to have a good old chit-chat. We were a little group of 8 which may seem small but it was so lovely to be able to get to know  the girls behind the screens and to Instagram our food without any judgement - haha! I really do hope that this was the first of many meet-ups to come. It really was so great to have the chance to meet up with Ariane, Anne-Sophie, Christine, Emilie, Jenny, Kristiana and Sammie, and I also hope that we will be able get together more of the gals who did not get to make it to yesterday's mid-morning blogger feast. There is no feeling comparable to that of being among people who share the same passion as you.

Depuis un certain temps Sammie, Claude et moi, nous envisageons d’organiser une réunion de bloggeurs au petit Luxembourg, et hier le jour de notre "blogger brunch" est enfin arrivé. Nous nous sommes rassemblées à la Table du Pain à Luxembourg-Ville, où nous avons bien mangé et bien bavardé. Nous étions huit à table, ce qui pourrait sembler un groupe assez petit mais j’étais tellement contente de rencontrer les filles derrière les écrans et de partager sur Instagram les photos de notre déjeuner. J’ai bien envie de répéter cette rencontre! C’était génial d’avoir l’occasion de rencontrer Ariane, Anne-Sophie, Christine, Emilie, Jenny, Kristiana et Sammie, et j’espère vraiment qu’il sera possible à l’avenir de réunir les autres qui n’étaient pas présentes à la réunion d’hier. C’est formidable de se trouver parmi des gens qui ont la même passion!

Rings - H&M and Japan
Top/dress - Primark
Blazer - Zara


  1. Love your blog !

  2. Loooove the photos! We definitely have to do it again :))))

  3. Hey!
    I just scrolled through your blog!
    Your pics are awesome and thank you so much for the 'shoutout' in this post :)
    It was a pleasure meeting you and the other bloggers! I ope that we will meet once again, it was really fun and a great experience to talk to other bloggers :)

    I'm following you also on Bloglovin now :)

    xx, much love Jennifer

  4. wow, you look beautiful dear!

  5. Great pics!!! :D