I had a bit of a lazy day today and I really didn't do much. I've been quite ill lately which sucks in this heat. It's nothing too serious, just a very very blocked nose. So blocked that it feels like it's under pressure and about to explode. Not the most charming of thoughts but damn it that's how it feels. Either way, I wanted to get out of the apartment so my family and I went to a local department store to do food shopping and rent DVDs. I didn't where anything special but I couldn't allow myself to go in the shorts I had been lounging in all day so I threw on my cheap monday vest, galibardy chain, topshop skirt and converse - pretty standard outfit. Maybe I was a bit overdressed for the supermarket though haha. I hope you all have been having an amazing summer! I don't want mine to end but I'm kind of excited about moving into the house for my second year of university.