I'm finally in Japan! We went through four different airports which was pretty tiring but I had some time for a bit of shopping at Doha.

D&G L'Impératrice
I finished my first L'imp√©ratrice bottle so I had been waiting for duty free to purchase my second. I absolutely love this perfume so I went for the 100ml bottle as I know I will be using it constantly. It's a very fresh and uplifting perfume which is edgy but classy at the same time. Despite having a Japanese name which means perfume/fragrance, I am not exactly a perfume connoisseur (and the fact that I have had a blocked nose for the past few weeks doesn't help) so I decided to look into this particular one to figure out the top notes (scent(s) which give the first impression), the heart (the perfume as it settles on your skin) and the base notes which are the main theme of the perfume and which give a lasting impression. With that being said, this is its online description of the notes: "3 L'Imperatrice is a confident, charismatic, boundary-shattering blend with a top of rhubarb, kiwi accord, and red currant; a heart of pink cyclamen, watermelon, and jasmine; and a base of musk, sandalwood, and grapefruit wood." Do you ever feel like some perfume can only be worn during a certain time of the day or even a certain season? This is a sexy yet subtle perfume and I think it can be worn anytime, anywhere.

Diorshow mascara
The product I use the most out of anything is mascara. The only time I've ever thought WOW when I applied mascara was with one by Helena Rubinstein, Covergirl and Dior. I could not for the life of me remember which Dior mascara it was but me oh my was it amazing. Now that I have tried this one out for a couple of days now I'm almost 100% sure it this was the magical mascara I purchased all those years ago. It's very easy to apply and it's great if you want to build up your mascara. Great for someone who likes to wear less during the day but prefers to go a bit extra for a night out. I hate it when mascara gets clumpy even after two strokes but no worries of that with this one. Not only does it smell divine (I'm a bit worried about this as I have very sensitive eyes), I love that it was inspired by the make up artists backstage at Dior shows who would sometimes use "plush toothbrushes" (Sephora) to create dramatic lashes for the runway.

Clinique Super City Block
I had been looking for a decent sunscreen for my face because I felt a bit iffy about applying body sunscreen on my face. I read a few brief reviews and articles and decided to go for this as it has SPF 40. I feel like with skincare products you need to give it a week or so to be able give a more or less fair judgement of your experience with it. I'll get back to you about this sunscreen in seven days!