Remember this dress from the other day? I decided to tuck it pair of printed trousers and add my precious Zara bling thing. I really do like all of this together but it is all a bit overly garish for my taste   so next time round I think I might tone it down by replacing the orange with a simple white tank top or crisp white shirt.

I had such an awesome day today. It started off with the belgacom technician arriving EXACTLY at 10am. I was a feeling a little bit pessimistic about the 10-14h30 gap but I was so happy that he arrived so early! I spent the rest of the day in the Parliamentarium which oh my I have to recommend if you are in Brussels. I did not have that high expectations but you get a free audio guide (available in 23 languages) and it is so interactive. I then went on to explore the museum of natural sciences which is more or less just behind the Parliament. Compared with some of the american museums I have been to it was slightly underwhelming but I was there an hour before closing time so I pretty much had the whole place to myself!

I then made my way to the Grand Place where I had dinner at the Roy d'Espagne. It was still a little early in the evening so I strolled along the Galerie du Roi and sat a corner table in the Neuhaus cafe, right next to the first ever Neuhaus store. Did you know that Jean Neuhaus invented the praline?! His grandfather coated traditional foul tasting medicines with chocolate but it was Jean who decided to reinvent the family business and to fill chocolates with a cream instead et voilĂ  the praline was born. 

Necklace - Zara
"Top" - Sheinside
Jacket - Primark
Shoes - Topshop

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