I got these earrings in Spinns, on Teramachi St in Kyoto. I thought they were perfect for me because I can be the most indecisive person ever. I literally go through a neverending should I /shouldn't I dialogue in my head when I need to make a decision or when I'm shopping. Oh man, I'm the worst when I go shopping. I'll literally do 10 laps of the store picking up and putting things back a million times. I didn't have that much time to browse casually so I'm definitely going to go back tomorrow or the day after. Still need to find a few gifts to bring back too!


  1. These earrings look so cute! And Kyoto! I'm going to be there in less than a month's time :D And haha, I am such a indecisive person as well, I think it takes me ages to even shop for something, and when I do, I always regret purchases I make :(

    1. you definitely need to check out Spinns! such an amazing store. it will you being the most indecisive person ever because you'll want to buy everything ^^ xo